Does the size of the Chia pool matter?

Not as much as you might expect. A pool’s size affects how likely it is to win in a given time period. For a given 24 hour period, a pool’s chance of winning follows the formula:

4608 * ((pool space) / (total netspace))

(In other words, the percentage of total netspace that the pool represents multiplied by the roughly 4,608 chances to win an award per day.)

Depending on your desired payout schedule, a pool’s size only matters to the extent that it can meet your particular needs.

For instance, if you want to receive a payment every day, you’d want a pool that is likely to win at least once a day. If you’re satisfied with a weekly payment, you could be satisfied with a pool that only wins once per week.

We aim to reach enough netspace to win at least once per day (though this may take some time to accumulate).

We currently plan to distribute winnings to members’ wallets once within 24 hours of a win. However, if your winnings are less than the cost of the transaction fees required to move them to your wallet, we may alter the payout schedule accordingly. (See “minimum payout threshold”).